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Our goal is to control pests by using the least toxic, most effective materials, and limiting the total volume of materials in order to reduce chemical exposure to the customer and the environment.

Green Pest Control : Does it work?

Many customers ask us this question, and YES, it works.  
However, this service requires more experienced technicians.  We train our field staff all year long and recently completed a state of the art training facility at our offices to allow hands on training in a realistic setting.  We hold monthly training seminars and host nationally known green pest control experts to inform our staff about the latest pest control methods. We have been so successful with our integrated pest management and green programs because of our highly trained personnel.

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If you have any questions regarding our Green pest control programs, we offer phone consultations and free inspections and estimates.

Why Use a Green Pest Control Service in Long Island?

Are you reluctant to use professional pest control methods because of the fear that chemicals could affect the health of your loved ones and pets? Maybe you're concerned about the environment and wildlife in your area? The solution for you...



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