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Rodent Removal Port Jefferson NY

Established in 1960, Suburban Exterminating Co, Inc. is Long Island, New York's leading full-service pest management company and has been providing services in all phases of pest control to homes and businesses. For the past 50 years Suburban has been dedicated to exemplifying quality, professionalism and respect when helping our fellow Long Islanders.

Suburban Exterminating has been innovators with the Sentricon termite eliminating system which provides for the total elimination of termites. Another termite exclusive is our termite detecting beagle, Seemor. He is able to work along with our termite inspector and locate active termites behind inaccessible areas. His excellent results have been featured in National Geographic magazine.

Rodent Removal Specialists Serving Port Jefferson NY:

Chances are you've ended up on this page because you suspect that your home has an insect or rodent problem. You probably also can guess it would be a waste of money to spend a few dollars on a can of bug killer. It's not necessarily so good for your health either. If you see evidence of a few insects, for example, just imagine how many you can't see. Spraying a few suspect spots by yourself or setting a few traps likely will not address the issue to your satisfaction. You must attack the core of the infestation, which requires trained professionals. And the cost may be a lot less than you think.

It's the pests you can't see you should be most worried about. There may be a long list of uninvited and disgusting guests taking up residence in your home or business. There could be ants, crickets, roaches, centipedes, bed bugs, silverfish, spiders, rats, mice and other critters hat you would rather not think about. What do they have in common? They have no intention of moving out.

If you see evidence of pests in your home or business, whether with four, six, or eight legs, Suburban Exterminating can attack the problem at its source. As Suffolk County's premiere pest control specialists, Suburban Exterminating can address a wide range of common and not-so-common pest issues:

  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • Insects

Suburban Exterminating is also expert at removing problems safely. In suburban areas, people and pets are everywhere, so we take precautions to make sure your family, pets, and neighbors are protected during the extermination process.

We're rodent removal veterans! For nearly six decades, Suburban Exterminating has been providing pest control services to Long Island. We've see just about all of it when it comes to pests. Though methods of pest extermination have evolved over these many decades, one thing has not changed: our professional approach to addressing pest control problems, whether in homes or businesses. Our highly-trained, certified exterminators make every effort to control and eliminate pests the first time.

Ants - Suburban Pest Management - ants Bed Bugs - Suburban Pest Management - bedbugs Bees & Wasps - Suburban Pest Management - bees
Mice - Suburban Pest Management - mice Rats - Suburban Pest Management - rats Termites - Suburban Pest Management - termites

Suburban Pest Management strives to control pests by using the least toxic and most effective materials, helping to limit the total amount of materials in hopes to reduce the chemical exposure to our customers and the environment. If you need rodent removal services, don't hesitate to contact us today! We can help you remove those pesky critters today!


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